Alien Green


Alien geometry sculpted in Zbrush, then retopologized and rigged in Houdini. Textures created with Substance Designer (skin, cloth, hat weave) and Substance Painter. Effects created with VEX in Houdini. Shirt created and simulated with Houdini Vellum. Shirt logo created in Photoshop based on classic X-files image.

Alien rig posed in Houdini with vellum shirt highlighted. 
Left: Dynamesh sculpt from Zbrush. Right: Mesh after retopology in Houdini.
Bones and IK/FK rig controls in Houdini. 
Proxy geometry for rig posed before capture.
Bone weights visualized after capture and some minor weight painting.
Teleport animation created using VEX noise and VDB network.
Hat beam effect created using carve SOP and VEX shading.

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