Miscellaneous Art

Evil Mani Mani Statue from Earthbound (Nintendo, 1994) sculpted in Zbrush with additional geometry and custom shader created in Houdini.

Master Belch from Earthbound (Nintendo, 1994) sculpted in Zbrush with materials developed in Substance Designer and painted in Substance Painter.

Marks Logo in Motion, 2020. Geometry and effects created in Houdini using VEX, Vellum, Rigid body dynamics, FLIP fluid, and Pyro FX. Composed and edited (with small additional animation) in After Effecs.

Milk in Tea, 2020. All geometry (beaker, tube) created procedurally in Houdini. Fluids simulated using FLIP fluid dynamics and visualized with custom shaders based on particle attributes. Rendered with Mantra.


Crystal with Vines, 2019. A tribute to a scene from Castle in the Sky (1986). Crystal and vines created procedurally in Houdini. Materials created in Houdini. Rendered in Mantra and edited in Photoshop.

Final Mantra render with Photoshop edits.
Animation rendered in Mantra and edited in After Effects.
Screenshot from Castle in the Sky, the inspiration for this project.

Football Season, 2019. Car converted from CAD data and modified in Maya, goalposts and fence geometry modeled in Maya. Textures created in Substance Painter. Fire and materials created in Houdini; arranged, lit and rendered in Houdini with Mantra.

Original concept art.

Ice with leaves, 2019. Texture development project in Substance Designer — material created entirely with nodes.


Teacup, 2019. Made for a Houdini dynamics project. Modeled and unwrapped in Maya. Textures painted with tablet in Substance Painter.


Above: final render of the teacup in Mantra. Below: Texture maps for the cup and dish after hand painting in Substance Painter.

Skull, 2019 – sculpted and retopologized in Zbrush, unwrapped, detail map transferred, and rendered in Maya. Diffuse and roughness textures created in Substance Painter.

Skull after texturing in Substance Painter.
Skull UVs after remeshing in Zbrush and unwrapping in Maya.
Skull without (left) and with (right) normal map baked from highpoly sculpt.
Skull posed with tarantula and eyes.
Badipsa frooby noo (crystal created in Houdini, rendered with Mantra).

American Infrastructure, 2019. Modeled in Maya. Terrain created in Zbrush. Textured in Substance Painter. Foliage created in Speedtree.

Skateboard, 2019. Modeled and rendered in Maya. Textured in Substance Painter.

Still Life with Skateboard, Skull, Tarantula, Barbed Wire, and Diamonds, 2019. Models created in Maya, Cinema4D and Zbrush. Arranged and rendered in Maya.

3XL, 2018. Pipe modeled in Maya. Smoke created using SideFX Houdini. Figure created and posed in DAZ Studio. Tree created with Forester for C4D. Sweater created in Marvelous Designer. Textured, posed, and rendered in Cinema 4D with Octane.


Pizza falls in Pool, 2018. Pizza modeled in Zbrush and Maya. Textured in Quixel suite. Water generated using Realflow for Cinema4D. Rigged and posed in C4D. Rendered using Octane.


Hot Dogs, 2018. Figure posed in DAZ Studio. Sign created in Adobe Illustrator and extruded in Cinema4D. Posed in Cinema4D, rendered with Octane. Edited in Adobe Photoshop.


Mausoleum Ghost, 2018. Mausoleum and graves modeled in Maya and textured with Quixel Suite. plants created using Forester for C4D. Smoke effects created in Houdini. Ghost liquid created with Realflow for C4D. Rendered with Octane.

Fluid simulation in Realflow for C4D.
Mausoleum with ambient occlusion baked in Arnold after modeling in Maya.

Purse, 2018. Figure posed in DAZ Studio. Purse modeled in Maya. Rendered in Cinema4D with Octane. HDRI courtesy of HDRIHaven. Edited in Adobe Photoshop.


Forest Disc, 2018. Models created in Maya and Zbrush. Textured in Quixel Suite. Arranged and rendered in Cinema4D.


Supreme Brick Simulator, 2017 — a simple VR experience designed around a 3D scan of a Supreme Brick (brick owned by Kip Hathaway) given physical properties in Unity. You can download the Supreme Brick Simulator for HTC Vive (Windows only) here, for Keyboard and Mouse (OSX) here, and for Keyboard and Mouse (Windows) here. Audio credit to Hannah Diamond. Supreme logo / Brick by Supreme.


Video edited by Kip Hathaway.

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