Beta Fish

Beta Fish, 2019 – sculpted in Zbrush and retopologized with quad draw in Maya.

Fish rig after weight painting. The skeletal motion is driven by Spline IK with sine deformer.  The fins are driven by Maya hair FX to accentuate the motion of the fish body and add drag.
Fish after retopology in Maya and material creation in Substance Painter and Photoshop.
Initial sculpt in Zbrush.
Fish after manual retopology with quad draw. Left: Zbrush dynamesh (for detail bake) at 1 million vertices. Middle: Zbrush auto retopo at 25k verts. Right: Manual retopo with quad draw at 5.6k verts.
UVs for the fish unwrapped in Maya. Identical shells from the opposite side of the mesh are laid on top of each other to save space.
Tileable scales material created in Substance Designer.

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