Miscellaneous Art

Ice with leaves, 2019. Texture development project in Substance Designer — material created entirely with nodes.



VEX displacement using color, 2019 – This Houdini project starts with a simple grid which is then painted on. The grid geometry is displaced according to the different colors painted, then the points are re-colored based on their position (or displacement amount).

Graphical recreation of the SOP and VOP networks that are used to create this piece


Teacup, 2019. Made for a Houdini dynamics project. Modeled and unwrapped in Maya. Textures painted with tablet in Substance Painter.


Above: final render of the teacup in Mantra. Below: base color and metallic texture maps for the cup and dish after painting in Substance Painter.

May, 2018. Plants created with Forester for C4D. Mist created in SideFX Houdini. Lights modeled in Maya. Textured and rendered in C4D with Octane.

3XL, 2018. Pipe modeled in Maya. Smoke created using SideFX Houdini. Figure created and posed in DAZ Studio. Tree created with Forester for C4D. Sweater created in Marvelous Designer. Textured, posed, and rendered in Cinema 4D with Octane.


Pizza falls in Pool, 2018. Pizza modeled in Zbrush and Maya. Textured in Quixel suite. Water generated using Realflow for Cinema4D. Rigged and posed in C4D. Rendered using Octane.


Hot Dogs, 2018. Figure posed in DAZ Studio. Sign created in Adobe Illustrator and extruded in Cinema4D. Posed in Cinema4D, rendered with Octane. Edited in Adobe Photoshop.


Purse, 2018. Figure posed in DAZ Studio. Purse modeled in Maya. Rendered in Cinema4D with Octane. HDRI courtesy of HDRIHaven. Edited in Adobe Photoshop.


Forest, 2018. Models created in Maya and Zbrush. Textured in Quixel Suite. Rigged, arranged and rendered in Cinema4D.


Bugdom Funeral, 2018. Modeled in Maya, textured in Quixel, rendered in Cinema4D using Octane. Bugdom & Pondsong are property of ODI Software.

Workspace and Bonsai, 2017-2018 (Modeled in Maya, Rendered with Mental Ray)


National Latte Museum 1, 2016 (Modeled in Maya, printed with Ultimaker, interactive content developed in Unity)


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