Organic Figures

Tarantula, 2019 – sculpted in Zbrush and retopologized with quad draw in Maya. Normal map baked from highpoly zbrush sculpt. Other textures painted in Substance Painter. Additional geometry and rig created in Maya. Hair created in Maya Xgen.


Before and after retopology and touch-up in Maya.
Base color painting in Substance Painter. This texture is also used to color the shortest layer of Xgen hair.
Creating three layers of Xgen hair in maya.

Skull, 2019 – sculpted and retopologized in Zbrush, unwrapped, detail map transferred, and rendered in Maya. Additional textures created in Substance Painter.

Render of the skull in Maya. Material setup includes the detail normal map, a diffuse texture (stylized bone texture from Substance Painter) and a small amount of subsurface scattering.
Skull near completion with jaw and teeth in Zbrush.
Skull UV unwrapped in Maya after remeshing in Zbrush.

Eye, 2019 – Modeled, unwrapped, and rigged in Maya, details sculpted and baked to normal maps in Zbrush. Textures painted in Substance Painter with additional details in Photoshop.


Eye geometry created in Maya, with the iris selected in green.
Eyeball (sclera) UVs, with the back (inside-head-facing) half scaled down in the lower left corner.
Iris color painted in Substance Painter.
Eyeball vein and limbal ring painting in progress in Substance Painter.
Blendshape rig targets in Maya.

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