Other projects

8-Bit Boyz Mii Channel Music Video, 2019. Assets created in Adobe Illustrator and animated in After Effects. Based on Miis of each of the boyz.

Facebook cover photo created for the 8-bit Boyz, a Chicago-based quintet.

Horse Corpse: A Tale of Two Corpses – a 2017 text-based online adventure game built in the Twine engine, based on a rock opera by Kip Hathaway (The game works best on a desktop browser). Music by myself with help from Regan Martin and Aidan Sponheim.


Above: Context images for each level. Below: The background images for several levels.

Backgrounds for the first desert level, the town level, and the showdown level.

Facebook Live Mood Ring – a (no longer) interactive live Facebook stream which ran from 5pm – 9pm CST on 4.4.2017. The color of the ring was based on reactions — each reaction was assigned a unique color — and the RGB color values were averaged to create the overall color. Below are several screenshots from the event, the full four-hour video, and a sample of the code used to create  the color of the ring.

Final reaction count / color.

Supreme Brick Simulator, 2017 – a simple VR experience designed around a 3D scan of a Supreme Brick (brick owned by Kip Hathaway) given physical properties in Unity. You can download the Supreme Brick Simulator for HTC Vive (Windows only) here, for Keyboard and Mouse (OSX) here, and for Keyboard and Mouse (Windows) here. Audio credit to Hannah Diamond. Supreme logo / Brick by Supreme.


Video edited by Kip Hathaway.

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